The bride cruises to her wedding on Saturday. The bride cruises to her wedding on Saturday.

Caught in traffic, bride accepts biker’s offer of a ride to her wedding

Her large white wedding dress wasn't going to stop her getting on a motorcycle

A bride risked arriving at her wedding a little wind-blown on Saturday when she jumped on the back of a motorcycle to get to the church on time after being stuck in traffic.

In a video on social media, the woman is seen in a large white wedding dress and veil getting on the back of a motorcycle amid heavy traffic on the Mexico City-Toluca highway. Two people can be seen helping her onto the motorcycle between lanes of traffic, ensuring her dress is well placed.

In another video, the bride and motorcyclist are seen cruising down the highway at speed.

The motorcyclist is thought to have been a stranger, but saw the bride was in a desperate situation, the newspaper La Razón reported. It’s unclear whether she arrived late to say her vows.

“They’re going to give a ride on a motorcycle to the bride because otherwise she won’t get there,” one of the people filming from another vehicle can be heard saying off camera, as the bride mounts the bike.

“What worried me was that the dress would get stuck in the wheel,” one person wrote on social media.

The traffic was caused by an accident near La Marquesa, 30 kilometers east of Toluca, in the direction of Mexico City, which almost completely stopped traffic.

With reports from La Razón

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