A woman runs after the dog that is attacking her child. A woman runs after the dog that is attacking her child. Screenshot from security footage

3-year-old in serious condition after attack by dogs

A pit bull dragged the girl at least 30 meters along the ground

A 3-year-old girl suffered serious head injuries after she was attacked by two dogs in México state.

Two pit bulls attacked the girl earlier this month in Melchor Ocampo, 96 kilometers northeast of Toluca.

In a video of the attack caught on CCTV footage, the girl is seen walking with her mother holding hands on a deserted street. They appear to be selling churros.

A pit bull standing under a store balcony jumped out at the girl and bit her near the head, dragging her about 10 meters across the street while her mother hit the dog with her bag, unsuccessfully trying to force it to let her daughter go.

On further CCTV footage another dog is seen joining the attack and they took the girl another 20 meters, behind a corner out of shot.

In this disturbing video, security footage shows how two dogs went after the child.

The mother pursued the dogs and three more people joined the chase, one of whom had a shovel. A municipal police pickup arrived seconds later.

The mother said the girl was treated in a hospital in Mexico City because local hospitals didn’t have the medicines required.

She added that the dogs weren’t strays and that their owner is paying the family’s medical expenses.

With reports from El Universal and 24 Horas

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