Don Felipe, before and after. Don Felipe, before and after.

Coahuila family rescues 108-year-old man from life on the street

Don Felipe said he was thrown out of his house by his children

A 108-year-old homeless man has been taken in by a family in Torreón, Coahuila.

Benita Dearz was driving when she saw Don Felipe in dirty clothes with a cane and a bag of plastic bottles, and decided to offer him a lift. Given the heat of the sun, he accepted. Dearz immediately bought him new clothes and invited him to her home to bathe, change into the clothes and eat a hot meal.

Don Felipe, who has trouble walking, had been sleeping in a square under a large palm tree and survived by collecting and selling plastic bottles retrieved from garbage. He said he was thrown out of his house by some of his 11 children.

The story came to light after Dearz shared the news on social media, where she uploaded a photo of her family with Don Felipe. She wrote that his seeing him on the street had “broken her heart.”

“This beautiful gesture towards him is in honor of my grandparents, Blas and Angelita, who are in heaven,” another post read.

Don Felipe now has a comfortable bed with clean sheets and pillows and is reportedly grateful for the generosity of his hosts.

With reports from El Universal

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