Coffee Gin, a substitute for energy drinks. A substitute for energy drinks.

Students create coffee-ginseng gum that relieves stress, improves energy

Coffee Gin an alternative to commercially available stimulants

Stressed? Low energy levels? Physically and mentally fatigued? A chewing gum created by three university students contains caffeine and ginseng that might help.

The product is the brainchild of Lesly Figueroa Santos, Brenda Hernández Velasco and Mario López Luis, all biochemical engineering students at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

They explained that the chewing gum, which they have called “Coffee Gin,” was designed as an alternative to commercially available stimulants, especially energy drinks, which have a high sugar content and are potentially harmful to human health.

Ginseng, the root of plants in the genus Panax, contains natural antioxidants that help to overcome fatigue, relieve stress and combat the formation of free radicals that cause cells to age, the IPN said in a statement.

The students said that “Coffee Gin” is suitable for people aged over 18 and there is no risk of addiction or any adverse effects.

The inventors of Coffee Gin.
The inventors of Coffee Gin.

The gum contains quantities of ginseng and caffeine that are below recommended levels, the students added, explaining that a person would have to chew 20 pieces of the product to consume the same amount of caffeine that is contained in a single cup of coffee.

They also said that in contrast to most energy drinks, their gum doesn’t contain taurine, which acts as a nervous system depressant.

Production of “Coffee Gin” is “very cheap” and consumption levels of chewing gum are very high, the IPN statement said, and therefore the students may seek to commercialize their product at some point in the future.

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