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Copyright sought for ex-soccer star’s description of ‘impressive’ genitalia

A video in which former soccer star and current commentator Luis Roberto Alves is seen showing off his erect penis to a presumed lover was leaked online and circulated on social media in June 2018.

Two months later, Alves’ brother, Jóse Carlos Alves, lodged an application to trademark a word used by Zague – as the former Mexico national team player is commonly known – to describe his penis, the newspaper El Universal reported on Monday.

“Look at how I have it hard for you. Look at how my dick is, impresionanti,” Zague says in the video that was leaked during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Attempting to cash in on the video that quickly went viral, Jóse Carlos Alves filed an application with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) for the commercial rights to the word impresionanti – apparently an intentional mispronunciation of the Spanish word impresionante, which can be translated into English as impressive, awesome and unbelievable, among other flattering adjectives.

El Universal, which obtained access to the trademark application, reported that the company Zague y Compañía intended to use the word impresionanti in the areas of advertising and business administration. It is unclear whether IMPI has approved Alves’ application.

zague video
A screenshot from the ‘impressive’ video.

El Universal also reported that another company attempted to trademark Zaguiñazo Impresionanti, a play on the former soccer player’s nickname coupled with his now-famous descriptor for his penis. A Mexico City-based firm intended to use the two words to market products such as condoms and vibrators.

However, lawyers for Zague successfully challenged registration on the grounds that the proposed trademark made a clear reference to their client.

More than a year and a half after the scandal, Luis Roberto Alves’s former wife has finally spoken out about the ordeal she went through after the leaking of the video that ended her marriage.

In an appearance last week on the television program La Última y Nos Vamos, the journalist and television presenter Paola Rojas said that she hadn’t wanted to speak about the events previously because they still cause her pain and her first instinct was to protect her children.

She admitted that dealing with the ordeal in public has been “brutal” before breaking into tears when describing how her privacy has been invaded. Rojas said that people in the public eye know that they will have to give up a certain amount of their privacy but asserted that her “intimacy” was also invaded.

“It was as if the door to my bedroom was opened and a lot of people came in. … They wrote me things [on social media that were] so, so obscene,” she said.

“I didn’t realize the extent of the damage that all those obscene messages were doing to me,” Rojas added, explaining that she also got sick and had to be operated on twice.

After the program host suggested that other people in the same situation could have been driven to suicide, she responded: “I didn’t even consider it because I love life. I always have the resolve to enjoy the moment. Tests [in life] are to learn and to grow.”

Source: El Universal (sp) 

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