There might be a few more Thors in the world this week. There might be a few more Thors in the world this week.

Couple decides against naming their baby after Avengers superhero

Official in Veracruz persuaded them not to

At least one family was planning to name their baby after a character in the blockbuster hit Avengers: Endgame, but were dissuaded from doing so by a municipal official in Veracruz.

The young couple in Tampico Alto went to the civil registry office to register their child with the name of an Avengers superhero.

The municipal clerk in charge of registering babies’ names and issuing birth certificates said the couple had decided to name their baby boy Thor Alberto.

For Santos Alberto Castillo Maya, registering increasingly unusual names is part of the job. But so is offering some counsel to parents.

While the clerk cannot officially refuse to register the name chosen, the registry office has instructed him to attempt to dissuade them from using “strange” names that could later on make children victims of bullying.

“Fortunately we spoke with the parents and we convinced them to chose another name,” said Castillo.

He said the release of the Marvel Studios film last week has unleashed a frenzy among parents who want to name their children after their favorite superheroes.

The film has also caused a frenzy at the box office. Today it became the fifth-highest grossing film ever, with global sales of US $1.78 billion.

Source: Infobae (sp)

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