Sunday, November 26, 2023

Cuernavaca mayor-elect’s home target of attack

The mayor-elect of Cuernavaca, Morelos, fears for his life after his home was attacked yesterday by unknown gunmen.

Villalobos said he heard a burst of six gunshots at about 1:40am. After inspecting the gate to his house, he found three bullet holes.

He later told a press conference that the C5 state security force has a surveillance camera installed “a mere seven meters” from his gate, and that he would be filing a formal complaint.

Villalobos said he will also seek protection from the navy.

“I fear for my life but I’m not going to panic, I have no enemies, I don’t owe anyone, I am not a defrauder, the people know me, this is what I’m going through, [someone] is trying to intimidate me.”

Villalobos believes a third party trying to create a confrontation between him and Governor Cuautémoc Blanco Bravo might have been behind the attack.

Blanco, who was mayor of Cuernavaca until he sought the governor’s office, was sworn Monday, has shown his disagreement over Villalobos occupying the mayor’s seat, calling him a “gate-crasher.”

Villalobos was actually an alternate to José Luis Gómez Borbolla whose candidacy was invalidated by election authorities after the parties that put his name forward had a change of heart.

Villalobos went on to win the election as part of the Morena party coalition that swept into power July 1.

Despite their history, Villalobos asserted that he has no problem with the governor.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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