Morena candidate Evelyn Salgado and her father, who was disqualified from running. Morena candidate Evelyn Salgado and her father, who was disqualified from running.

Daughter of disqualified candidate for governor takes his place in Guerrero

Evelyn Salgado will represent the Morena party in the June 6 election

A surprise candidate for governor of Guerrero — and daughter of the candidate who was disqualified by election authorities — has won the nomination to represent the Morena party on June 6.

Evelyn Salgado, daughter of Senator Félix Salgado, earned the most points in a survey of party members, according to Morena’s national director, Mario Delgado.

Salgado, 39, was the preferred candidate among 37.9%. In second place was Nestora Salgado, also a Morena senator, with just 13.9%.

The latter had questioned the inclusion of Evelyn Salgado in the poll, echoing some other party members by warning that it had the appearance of nepotism.

Félix Salgado was disqualified by the National Electoral Institute (INE) from participating in the election after he failed to turn in an accounting of his pre-campaign expenses, as required by the law.

Evelyn Salgado and Morena party director Mario Delgado
Evelyn Salgado and Morena party director Mario Delgado in a Twitter post announcing her nomination as candidate.

The would-be candidate, a former mayor of Acapulco who has been accused of rape by at least five women, launched a campaign against that decision, issuing threats against INE councilors and threatening to stop the elections in Guerrero if he was not permitted to run.

Salgado appealed the ruling before the Federal Electoral Tribunal but it referred the case back to the electoral institute, which stood by its initial decision. In the end the tribunal sided with the INE.

The latter ruling triggered a strong response from President López Obrador, who called the decision an “attack on democracy.”

The Morena party’s survey of its members in Guerrero revealed that 38% knew of Evelyn Salgado, while 30% recognized the name of her rival.

Evelyn Salgado insisted that her father would not be acting through her as governor.

“Félix Salgado will be my guide and counselor, but will not interfere in my government,” Evelyn Salgado said. “He has shaped my and my sisters’ values, one of which is transparency to the public.”

Evelyn Salgado was previously the head of the DIF family services agency in Acapulco when her father was mayor from 2005 until 2008. She was head of the Ministry of Women for a year starting in 2011 but left the post to seek election as a representative in the Guerrero state Congress.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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