Dead turtles found in Guerrero. Dead turtles found in Guerrero.

Dead sea turtles investigated in Guerrero

Agencies puzzled over the inland location in which they were found

More dead turtles are being investigated, this time in Guerrero.

Federal and state authorities are looking into the deaths of olive ridley sea turtles whose bodies were found on a beach and along several channels of water in Tecpan de Galeana.

The state representative of the environmental agency Profepa told the newspaper Milenio that one location in which the animals were found, inland and on the banks of channels upstream from a river, was unusual.

No one is saying how many were found, although initial, unconfirmed reports put the number at 10.

Gerardo Yépez Tapia said the number would be revealed once the inquiries are over.

Profepa is collaborating with the navy and the Guerrero environmental agency Propeg in determining what caused the deaths.

Propeg chief Alfredo Gómez Suástegui described the incident as “serious” and said officials hoped it would not be repeated.

He said both environmental agencies will monitor the beaches where the turtles lay their eggs.

The agencies expect that by next year a dedicated group of environmental security guards will be deployed to patrol the Guerrero coast to avoid more deaths.

More than 300 turtles were found dead in Oaxaca two weeks ago but they died trapped in fishing nets. One theory is that area fishermen had hunted and captured the turtles but were unable to land them due to a large swell at the time.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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