The fallen tower in Ecatepec Saturday morning. The fallen tower in Ecatepec Saturday morning.

Driver falls asleep, brings down transmission tower

A tractor-trailer plowed into an electrical transmission tower in México state this morning, knocking it over and closing down the highway.

According to local sources, the driver of the truck fell asleep at the wheel on the Texcoco-Lechería Highway in Ecatepec and crashed into the tower around 3:00am.

“I heard a huge crash, and then our electricity went. When we looked out, we saw what had happened, but with the tower like that we didn’t get any closer and decided to call the police instead,” said Juan Villa, a resident of the Llano de los Báez neighborhood where the collision took place.

Emergency personnel extracted the driver from the truck’s damaged cab and rushed him to hospital, while police, firefighters and Federal Electricity Commission workers secured and closed off part of the highway and restored power to the neighborhood.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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