Patrol car burned by angry residents in Puebla. Patrol car burned by angry residents in Puebla.

‘Drunk’ cops threatened with lynching for firing on family

The three Puebla police officers are now under investigation by internal affairs

Three state police officers were nearly lynched in Puebla for allegedly being under the influence of alcohol and firing their weapons at a local family.

The family was preparing to leave their home in San Lorenzo, Chiconcuautla, early yesterday when the police, riding in a patrol vehicle, opened fire. No one was hurt.

Neighbors said the officers traveled some 500 meters and then stopped. At that point a group of residents apprehended them.

They accused the police of being drunk, threatened to lynch them for firing on the nearby residents and set the patrol car on fire.

The neighbors also complained about insecurity in the region and what they called a “power vacuum” created after the arrival of the new mayor, Artemio Hernández Garrido.

The three officers were rescued after two attempts and a request for backup from colleagues and officials from the state Attorney General’s office (FGJE).

The three are under investigation by the force’s internal affairs department for overstepping their authority and being under the influence of alcohol.

Residents of San Lorenzo also filed a formal complaint against the trio before the public prosecutor.

State Security Secretary Jesús Morales Rodríguez stated that “the [state] will not allow or cover up our staff’s undue conduct. No one is above the law.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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