Friday, December 1, 2023

Eating a taco for the first time brings tears to visitor’s eyes

A German visitor was reduced to tears when he tried his first Mexican taco, an event that was captured in a TikTok video that went viral.

The clip shows TikToker Ale Vaca’s boyfriend, who appears to have found his first experience of the meat and tortilla treat too much to handle. 

“Why are you crying?” Ale asks her boyfriend. 

“It’s the best food I’ve ever had in my life,” the teary-eyed man replies before taking another large bite.

He then smiles with delight before pointing to the chefs at the taco stand who are busy chopping meat and serving up the street food. 

@alevaca11Tacos are life 🥰 #tacos #streettacos #mexico♬ original sound – Ale Vaca

The video, published on TikTok, went viral, earning 133,000 likes on the online platform.


The news website Televisa reported that the taco that so impressed the German appeared to be a campechano — a popular style of street food taco in Mexico that often combines both pork and beef — topped with green sauce. 

The video has accumulated more than 900,000 views and thousands of comments.

Some Mexican users were touched by the German’s display of emotion: “I hereby declare this gentleman Honorary Mexican!” replied Joe González.

This guy is a Mexican born in another country. Adopt him right now. We definitely claim him!” Mave Rodríguez wrote.

Other users said that a small stand on the street was the best place to sample the dish.

The humble but beloved taco is central to Mexican cuisine. It is generally a corn tortilla — sometimes wheat — filled with meat, raw onion and cilantro, accompanied by a spicy chile sauce. 

The dish predates the Spanish conquistadors’ arrival in Mexico. One suggested etymology for the word “taco” is tlahco, the Náhuatl word meaning “half” or “in the middle,” referring to where the filling would be placed in the tortilla. 

With reports from Televisa

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