Punta Maldonado beach Punta Maldonado beach where effects of the Tonga volcano were seen.

Effects of Tonga volcano eruption seen in Guerrero

Sea levels rose 30-50 centimeters due to an event 9,000 kilometers away

The effects of a volcanic eruption on an island in the South Pacific Ocean have been seen about 9,000 kilometers northeast in Guerrero.

A very large eruption last Friday on Hunga Tonga, an uninhabited volcanic island of the Tongan archipelago, caused tsunamis on neighboring islands, including Tonga where at least three people died and many more went missing.

The effects of the eruption were felt across the Pacific and reached Guerrero where sea levels on the 500 kilometer coastline were reported to have risen 30-50 centimeters on Saturday.

Guerrero Civil Protection director Roberto Arroyo Matus confirmed that there was no serious damage in the state but added that in Cuajinicuilapa, a town in the Costa Chica region near the Oaxaca border, some beach huts were taken out by powerful waves.

The mayor of Cuajinicuilapa, Edgar Paz Rojas, explained that the large waves destroyed about 30 beach huts in the nearby town of Punta Maldonado.

Small rises in sea levels were also observed on the coasts of Baja California and Colima.

The effects of the eruption were felt in New Zealand, Japan, the United States, the Russian Far East, Chile and Peru, where two people drowned after a two-meter wave struck the coast.

With reports from Milenio and Infobae

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