A bus burns during yesterday's election protest. A bus burns during yesterday's election protest.

Election violence continues in Oaxaca community

Special elections were scheduled to be held Sunday but had to be cancelled

New elections were scheduled for San Dionisio del Mar, Oaxaca, yesterday after being postponed in July but they were stopped by violence.

In anticipation of protests by an organization opposing the elections, about 120 state police were sent to the coastal municipality after a request from electoral authorities. But yesterday they came under attack and an election official was apprehended and jailed.

Reports on social media said tires and vehicles were set on fire and election materials were stolen from polling stations.

It was also announced on line that if the demands of the People’s Assembly of San Dionisio del Mar were not met the jailed official would be burned alive.

Six police officers were hurt in the violence and five patrol vehicles were damaged.

The main demand yesterday was the cancellation of the elections.

Less than a month ago four federal election officials were jailed in San Dionisio for nine hours.

At the time, the demands presented to the state government included a request for compensation for damages and for justice in an incident last March in which five residents were allegedly victims of an armed attack.

The assembly claimed that Mayor Teresita de Jesús Luis Ojeda was responsible, and it warned that as long as there is no justice it will not allow elections to take place.

There has been no report on the fate of the election official but the state electoral office filed a formal complaint before the state Attorney General against whomever is found responsible for the disturbance and the unlawful imprisonment of its employee.

Source: NVI Noticias (sp)

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