enchilada pizza The Querétaro restaurant's new creation.

Fusion food: enchiladas married with pizza in Querétaro

Burger joint says eating enchiladas and pizza at the same time is a fantasy come true

For indecisive diners in search of the ultimate comfort food, a restaurant in Querétaro city has you covered with a creation some may see as odd whereas others may call it a product of divine inspiration: behold the enchilada pizza. 

Images of the cheese pizza topped with eight chicken enchiladas in green sauce have made the rounds on social media where the unusual Mexican-Italian fusion is being well-received by the internet’s hungry denizens, although some users have mistaken the photo of the dish for a meme. 

The restaurant behind this culinary achievement is Vete a la Burger, a hamburger, hot dog and pizza joint where one can purchase the 41-centimeter enchilada pizza (although at Vete a la Burger they call it picsa) for just 289 pesos, around US $12.80.

Its creators said the combination of the two dishes seemed logical.

“Really, we don’t know anyone who doesn’t like green enchiladas,” they say, and being able to eat both enchiladas and pizza at the same time is, for them and their customers, a “fantasy come true.”

Source: El Universal 

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