The Matamoros sinkhole and its victim. The Matamoros sinkhole and its victim.

Family rescued after their vehicle swallowed by sinkhole in Tamaulipas

Three other sinkholes are causing drivers difficulty in a neighboring city

A month and a half old baby was rescued with its parents after their vehicle was swallowed by a sinkhole Tuesday in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

The family had been driving to take the baby to daycare when their vehicle suddenly nose-dived as the road gave way.

Video footage shows passing drivers going to the family’s aid and arms extending from the vehicle to pass the baby to safety, before the father and mother emerge unscathed.

The mother said she feared for the life of her baby and thanked God that the accident resulted in nothing more than damage to the vehicle. No injuries were recorded.

Meanwhile, in the nearby city of Nuevo Laredo three sinkholes are reported to be disrupting the flow of traffic.

Sinkholes have become a prominent talking point of late. An 126-meter chasm near Puebla city, which first appeared in late May, has become a tourist attraction, sparked an animal welfare debate, and has inspired a cake, a floral arrangement and cumbia song.

Other smaller sinkholes have since emerged in Hidalgo, Mexico City, Yucatán and Tabasco.

With reports from Milenio, El Universal and MVS Noticias

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