AMLO's fans give him a warm welcome to Zacatecas. AMLO's fans give him a warm welcome to Zacatecas.

Federal government to retain control over teacher payrolls

It is one element of the education reforms that will not be repealed

President-elect López Obrador has vowed to repeal education reforms introduced in 2013 but one element will remain: teacher payrolls will continue to be the responsibility of the federal government.

The incoming president told a rally in Zacatecas that the reforms will be “canceled . . . abrogated, repealed, abolished,” but with a caveat.

“The only thing that will continue is the handling of the payroll by the federal government” to ensure that the money gets to the teachers.

Before the reforms the states managed teacher payrolls and in some cases they let the teachers themselves do it through their unions. In Oaxaca there were vast discrepancies between the salaries of teachers at the low end of the pay scale and their union leaders.

López Obrador also pledged that no government employee, unionized or otherwise, will receive a raise below the rate of inflation.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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