'No gasoline:' a common sign at Michoacán gas stations. 'No gasoline:' a common sign at Michoacán gas stations.

Fuel shortages continue in Michoacán; 70% of gas stations remain closed

It could be another two weeks before supplies return to normal

Gasoline shortages continue throughout Michoacán where 70% of the state’s gas stations remain closed, Economic Development Secretary Jesús Melgoza Velázquez told reporters yesterday.

He explained that although tanker trucks are delivering fuel more frequently and gas stations have been able to provide more, panic buying has continued to exhaust supplies.

Line-ups at gas stations remain formidable in most parts of the state, but cities in the east, such as Ciudad Hidalgo, Tuxpan and Zitácuaro have not reported fuel shortages in recent days.

On a hopeful note, Melgoza predicted that fuel distribution could be back to normal within two weeks with the reopening of key pipelines.

However, federal government representative Jorge Taddei Bringas said a drop in pressure had been detected in the state’s pipelines and they would be closed if necessary. Lower pressure can be an indication that the duct is being tapped.

Taddei said authorities had uncovered at least one fuel theft operation but would not comment further.

He also responded to rumors of gas shortages in Sonora.

“There haven’t been and there won’t be any gas shortages. Some people tried to raise a fuss about it, but there’s nothing to it.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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