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Gang leader’s arrest triggers backlash in Chihuahua

The arrest of a gang leader in Ciudad Jiménez, Chihuahua, on Monday sparked a series of violent confrontations between criminal elements and security forces in the region.

The arrest of Luis Alberto “El Mocho” M., presumed leader of the La Línea criminal organization, was followed by an attack on the state Attorney General’s Office (FGE) on Monday night in which one police officer was wounded. The suspected gang members stole vehicles during the attack and set them on fire to create roadblocks.

Authorities are on high alert in the city, expecting further aggression.

The region is criminally controlled by the La Línea organization, which has carried out attacks on security forces since May 20, when a commando besieged another office of the FGE in Ciudad Juárez. Three of the attackers were killed by security forces in the battle.

An attack on a state police barracks was reported later that day. The gang members burned and abandoned a vehicle during the fray.

Luis Alberto M., 35, has been identified by Chihuahua authorities as the leader of the La Línea drug cartel. He inherited the post after the arrest of Ricardo Arturo “El Piporro” C., who is currently incarcerated in the state prison in Aquiles de Serdán, Chihuahua.

“El Mocho” is believed to be connected to the murder of Guadalupe Ontiveros Dávila, who was killed in an attack on an auto repair shop in Ciudad Jiménez in 2011.

The Chihuahua FGE reports that “El Mocho” has been part of the organization for at least 10 years and has participated in several illegal acts alongside his brother Fernando and other criminals identified as “El Canguro” and “El Torres.”

His arrest also sparked attacks on police barracks in the municipalities of Juárez, Parral and Creel.

In Juárez, at least 20 officers were forced to defend a private hospital in which three of their colleagues were recovering from injuries from an attack by gang members.

Source: Infobae (sp)

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