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Give us your feedback: Why do expat forums attract so much negativity?

Forums and Facebook pages can be good sources of information. They can also be toxic

For many expats in Mexico, expat Facebook groups and forums are valuable tools that help new residents find their way as they create new lives in a foreign country.

This is especially true if they don’t speak or read much Spanish. They’re a way to learn about local news and find out what’s going on. They help find out where to buy horseradish or pickles, rentals or a seamstress, the quickest/best/cheapest/most reliable place to get a COVID test.

They also help locate like-minded people and build community.

But there’s a dark side that’s being talked about more and more: why do these expat pages attract so many negative comments and interactions? Why has the atmosphere in some groups become so toxic?

Have you have been a target of angry or rude remarks online? Or have you said something online that was interpreted as overcritical or offensive? Are they caused by trolls, lack of courtesy, legitimate differences of opinion, or something else? What triggers these exchanges, which sometimes put expats off using such forums?

Mexico News Daily wants to find out how prevalent this behavior is and explore why. To help do so, readers are invited to complete the following survey.

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