El Yori and his gold-encrusted weapon. El Yori and his gold-encrusted weapon.

Gold-encrusted rifle seized in suspected gangster’s arrest

Regional gang leader arrested in Tehuacán, Puebla

A criminal suspect in the state of Puebla was arrested in possession of a gold-encrusted assault rifle in Tehuacán on the weekend.

State police officers also confiscated several doses of what appeared to be methamphetamine when they arrested Víctor “El Yori” Iván N., a presumed leader of the regional criminal gang Las Bigotonas.

The police report revealed that El Yori was one of the most active members in crimes including cargo robbery, drug trafficking and arms sales in the Tehuacán region and is linked to a number of homicides and other violent crimes in the area.

The gold and silver-encrusted AR-15 rifle found in his possession features an image of La Santa Muerte, or the Holy Death, an apocryphal saint commonly worshipped by drug traffickers for protection and the safe delivery of illicit goods.

Theft of goods from freight trains and transport trucks has been a problem in Puebla for years. Although heavily involved in drug trafficking, gangs like Las Bigotonas still rely on classic highway and train robberies of everyday goods to make illicit profits as well.

State investigators recovered 60 tractor-trailers full of products including snacks, appliances, furniture, beer, car parts, gym equipment, prescription drugs and more in Amozoc de Mota, between Tehuacán and Puebla City, in May 2017.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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