The whale spent about four hours on the beach before the tide came in. The whale spent about four hours on the beach before the tide came in.

Humpback whale rescued on beach in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Local volunteers helped to keep the whale hydrated until the tide came in

A 10-meter-long, five-tonne humpback whale was discovered on Playas del Mirador beach and rescued Wednesday in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.

The navy and Civil Protection were called out at about 5 a.m. and found the whale stranded among rocks.

Authorities reported the mammal was 200 meters from the water so about 50 police, firefighters, naval personnel and local residents responded to a call to help it return to the water.

The rescuers worked to keep the mammal hydrated until the tide rose to take it back out to sea. The plan proved effective and the rescuers celebrated as the whale returned to its habitat, having spent about four hours on the beach.

Local head of Civil Protection, Captain Alan Josué Ontiveros López, explained what might have brought the whale to shore. “It was a male juvenile humpback whale, which very possibly was nearby looking for food and unfortunately the low tide” left it stranded, he said.

He added that conditions favored the rescue effort. “Fortunately with the help of the military officers, volunteers and the good wave conditions, we were able to return it [to the sea],” he said.

The whale is being monitored to ensure it doesn’t fall victim to another low tide.

With reports from UnoTV and El Universal

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