Soriana was one of the stores targeted Soriana was one of the stores targeted.

Hundreds evacuated from Monterrey stores after pepper gas attacks

Robbery believed to be the motive behind attacks on several stores

Hundreds of people were evacuated from several stores in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Friday and Saturday after pepper gas attacks that are believed to have been used as a diversion by thieves.

As many as 270 customers and employees at a Liverpool department store were evacuated on Friday after pepper gas was released in the men’s washrooms on the second and third floors. One person was treated for exposure to the gas.

Hours later, an attack in a Soriana supermarket cleared out the store and led to one woman being treated for the effects of the gas.

Then on Saturday, 600 customers and 80 employees were evacuated from three downtown stores.

Some people were treated for eye and respiratory irritation after the attacks. Firefighters were deployed to clear the areas of the gas, and Civil Protection and the Red Cross were also called to the scene.

Authorities have released no information about any robberies that might have been carried out, nor have any arrests been announced.

Sources: Telediario (sp), El Universal (sp)

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