Children wait on the roof of a stranded transit van. Children wait on the roof of a stranded transit van.

Hundreds stranded by flash flood in Mexico City

Several kilometers of the Periférico flooded in heavy rain

Heavy rain flooded several kilometers of Mexico City’s Periférico beltway, stranding hundreds of commuters and public transit passengers.

The sudden rush of water surprised people traveling on the southbound lanes between Valle Dorado and Santa Mónica in Tlalnepantla, México state, a few minutes before 6:00pm.

Many had just enough time to get out of their vehicles and abandon them as the water rose, while others attempted to drive or push their cars out of the floodwaters.

Passengers aboard a public transit van found themselves trapped as the water rose while the vehicle was traveling through an underpass. All they could do was put the most vulnerable passengers, two children, atop the half-submerged vehicle and wait for the best.

The flash flood lasted about an hour after which the waters recede allowing traffic through once more.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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