Governor Alfaro: Pemex has failed to deliver. Governor Alfaro: Pemex hasn't come through.

Jalisco governor accuses Pemex of failing to deliver promised fuel

The company has fallen short of sending the 94 million barrels a day it had promised

The governor of Jalisco has accused the state oil company of failing to deliver the fuel it promised after shortages hit crisis levels earlier this week.

Enrique Alfaro Ramírez said on Monday that Pemex has made a commitment to deliver 94,000 barrels of gasoline and diesel every day until supplies were replenished.

Yesterday, the governor said the promise was far from being fulfilled.

What is being sent is meeting 60% of the daily demand, he said, but has not been enough to make up for the accumulated shortfall, so now the situation is even worse.

Alfaro explained that the state’s fuel reserves are nearly depleted, so the problem has been growing daily. As of yesterday, 70% of the gas stations in the state had either closed or were operating at reduced capacity.

The state supports the federal government’s fight against fuel theft, Alfaro said, but believes the strategy it has implemented was badly planned and poorly executed.

But he was also confident that Pemex will fulfill its commitment with the state and contain a crisis that at present continues to grow.

The state’s gas stations have lost 3 billion pesos (US $157 million) since the Salamanca-Guadalajara pipeline was turned off, according to the gas station trade organization Amegas.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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