One of many recent funerals for Mexican politicians. One of many recent funerals for Mexican politicians.

Japan issues travel warning for Mexico elections

Pre-election violence, threats and intimidation cited

The government of Japan has issued a travel advisory for Mexico, warning its citizens about ongoing violence during the current electoral season.

The advisory was published by the embassy of Japan in Mexico 11 days before the July 1 general election.

The document explains that in past elections, “Confusion was noted in some areas, such as arson in polling stations and attacks against candidates.”

The embassy suggested that Japanese travelers in Mexico gather information and act with caution, as protests could take place while the election date draws near.

Without specifying sources, the document quoted two reports claiming that to date 114 politicians and government officials have been murdered during the electoral season, and that other politicians and their families have been subjected to threats and intimidation.

In case Japanese citizens should be involved in an incident, the document lists the embassy’s address, its phone and fax numbers and its email address.

In May, the German government issued a similar advisory warning about the increasing violence against politicians in Mexico.

“Political demonstrations can develop into violent clashes, and thus should be avoided. Such situations can lead to roadblocks in major thoroughfares by demonstrators throughout the country, and can sometimes turn violent,” said the May 29 document.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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