The landfill fire that started Sunday in Guadalajara. The landfill fire that started Sunday in Guadalajara.

Landfill fire triggers air quality emergency in Guadalajara

Civil Protection officials announced Thursday afternoon that the blaze was under control

A fire at a landfill in Guadalajara, Jalisco, that had burned out of control since Sunday evening and triggered an air quality alert has been controlled.

State Civil Protection officials announced shortly after noon today that the fire had been controlled.

The agency reported that 134 firefighters from different fire departments had fought the blaze at the Los Laureles landfill.

The state health and transportation departments also responded to the emergency, distributing face masks and basic medical care.

Emergency crews also kept an eye on an apartment complex just 500 meters away from the fire.

Residents in the area blamed the blaze on a garbage company and government authorities, claiming that the landfill was supposed to have closed in 2008.

Contributing to the city’s air quality emergency, yet another fire broke out in Guadalajara’s Primavera Forest yesterday. Seventy firefighters and three helicopters worked to control the blaze, dumping thousands of liters of water from above.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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