estafeta aircraft A new aircraft would increase the company's fleet to six.

Logistics firm to invest nearly 2 billion pesos this year

E-commerce is fueling growth at Mexico-based Estafeta

The courier and logistics company Estafeta will invest 1.95 billion pesos (US $93.94 million) in Mexico this year as e-commerce continues to grow.

The company will create a new hub in Mexico City and install smaller operating centers at key points in other major cities. The expansion of the network will increase the number of service points and delivery lockers for shipments of online orders.

Estafeta CEO Ingo Babrikowski explained that the company is also contemplating the acquisition of a new airplane, which would increase its fleet to six.

The new hub in Mexico City, which is due to begin operations in April 2022, will cover 10,800 square meters and in its first phase will process 18,000 items per hour, with an ultimate capacity of 50,000 per hour.

In 2020 Estafeta saw a major increase in online shopping deliveries, which led to increasing operational capacity by 50%. It hired 4,000 workers and plans to create 1,300 new jobs in 2021.

Asked whether Estafeta would participate in the delivery of vaccines in Mexico, Babrikowski explained that each vaccine has specific transportation requirements so the company is analyzing whether it can adapt its services to meet them.

“Transporting vaccines is a serious health and logistical issue as the requirements for each vaccine are different. Before making any proposal, we need to review the specifications of each product in order to help with any transportation for the government and the health sector,” said Babrikowski.

Source: Forbes (sp)

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