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Loud music provokes machete attack in Jalisco

A Jalisco man will stand trial for attempted murder after allegedly attacking his neighbor with a machete because he was playing loud music in his apartment.

The Jalisco Attorney General’s Office (FE) said in a statement Wednesday that it had presented evidence to a court that showed that José Luis G. was the “probable culprit” in an attack motivated by “differences related to the high volume of music” in the neighbor’s apartment. A judge consequently ordered the accused to stand trial.

“The events that motivated the present investigation occurred June 9 in an apartment located in the Los Molinos neighborhood in the municipality of Zapopan,” the FE said.

It said that two men – presumably father and son – were drinking alcohol in the apartment and listening to music to celebrate Father’s Day. (It appears that the FE got the date wrong because Father’s Day was on June 19.)

The statement said their celebration was interrupted by the sudden appearance of an angry José Luis, who ordered them to turn the music off. One of the men tried to calm him down and discuss his demand but José Luis couldn’t be pacified, according to the FE. He subsequently produced a machete and proceeded to attack one of the men, the statement said, adding that he warned the other man not to intervene because he would attack him as well if he did.

After the attack, José Luis left the apartment and the victim was taken to hospital. The FE said he was in “delicate” condition. Police attended the crime scene and arrested José Luis a short time later.

The Attorney General’s Office said that a judge ruled there was sufficient evidence to commit José Luis to trial on the charge of attempted murder. The accused “will remain in pre-trial detention for a year as a preventative measure,” it added.

“The state Attorney General’s Office is continuing with the complementary investigations for the case and reaffirms its commitment to work in coordination with other authorities to investigate crimes … [and] avoid impunity.”

Mexico News Daily 

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