Christian Uriel did nothing but play video games Christian Uriel did nothing but play video games, his mother said. illustrative photo

Man, 30, files complaint after Mom kicks him out of the house

She described him as a nini who refused to get off the couch

A 30-year-old man filed an assault complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office against his mother and aunt after they kicked him out of the house.

Christian Uriel told authorities that he was “offended” because his mother ran him out of her home for being a deadbeat.

Uriel’s mother described her son as a nini, meaning that he doesn’t go to school or work (ni trabaja ni estudia), and she became fed up with his behavior. She says he spent the entire coronavirus quarantine on a couch playing video games and demanded that she bring him whatever he desired. 

Once lockdown conditions were lifted she said she asked him to get a job to help out with expenses, but he refused. His mother enlisted the help of the boy’s aunt, and together they poured cold water on him and struck him with brooms until he finally left the house, located in the Polvorilla neighborhood of Iztapalapa.

Uriel told authorities he would like to return home and asked for their help.

A survey last year of 3,000 Mexican millennials — people aged 25 to 35 — by De las Heras Demotecnia found 63% still lived with their parents and six out of 10 said they were in no hurry to begin a life like the one their parents led. 

Source: El Universal (sp)

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