man with knife in his head Halloween costume? No, it's for real.

Man loses eye in dispute over parking spot in Veracruz

With the knife sticking out of his eye, he calmly berated his opponent for fighting dirty

A dispute over a parking spot escalated to a duel in the city of Veracruz, which came to a violent end when one driver stabbed his opponent in the eye.

The two men were vying for a parking space outside a supermarket but when Armando “N,” 47, took advantage of a small distraction to pull into the spot, Domingo Muñoz, also 47, got out of his vehicle and confronted the former.

The two began fighting but Armando quickly found himself outmatched. He then took a hunting knife and stabbed Muñoz in the eye.

Police arrived on the scene and broke up the fight, detaining the knife-wielding aggressor. His opponent, the knife buried in one eye, calmly wiped blood from his face, a gruesome scene that was captured in a video.

Unperturbed, Muñoz reproached his attacker for not having fought a clean fight.

WARNING: gross scenes.

Emergency medical responders transferred Muñoz, who remained conscious throughout the ordeal, to Veracruz General Hospital, where doctors removed the knife.

But they were unable to save his eye.

Source: El Universal (sp), Excélsior (sp)

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