The new turbocharger plant in Coahuila. The new turbocharger plant in Coahuila.

German manufacturer inaugurates automotive plant in Coahuila

BMTS will produce two million superchargers annually in Ramos Arizpe

The German automotive company BMTS Technology has inaugurated its new turbocharger manufacturing plant in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila.

BMTS official Gunter Semeja said that because of the support of authorities and conditions for its global growth, the company estimates that the plant will produce two million turbochargers annually for the North and South American markets.

The US $100-million plant employs 500 people.

“These new investments, like this one by BMTS, not only create jobs, they also favor specialization of the workforce, increases in productivity, and the creation of better working conditions,” said Interior Secretary José María Fraustro Siller.

He said the new plant consolidates the automotive cluster of the southeastern region of the state, and that the governor plans to tour China in order to secure other investment projects, as the state has done in South Korea, Germany, Canada and England.

He emphasized the strength of Coahuila’s security forces, as well as its labor reliability, skilled workforce and high educational standards.

“We are among the states with the highest social competitiveness, that is to say, that which has shown the most potential to generate well-being for its citizens through health, education, income and working conditions,” Fraustro said.

“We’re also the second biggest exporting state in the country and the first in exports of transportation equipment,” he added.

Source: El Economista (sp)

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