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Got 1 min? Mariachi frogs stolen from Acapulco found hundreds of kilometers away

It was a ribbiting and infuriating heist, but one that fortunately has a hoppy ending.

Acapulco’s famous “mariachi frogs” withstood Hurricane Otis last October, but they were no match for opportunistic thieves who pilfered them from their natural habitat.

But the emblematic mascots of the Señor Frog’s chain of restaurants should be on their way back to the Pacific coast resort city soon as they were found by police hundreds of kilometers inland in México state.

The México state Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) announced Friday that two “frog figures” that were allegedly stolen from the Señor Frog’s restaurant in Acapulco were located at a property in Nezahualcóyotl, a municipality that borders Mexico City.

Police also found “presumed narcotics” at the same property — marijuana and a bag filled with blue pills.

In a statement posted to the X social media platform, the FGJ also announced that the owner of the property, Manuel “N,” was arrested on extortion charges. He is allegedly the leader of a group that calls itself Resistencia Civil Pacífica, or Pacific Civic Resistance.

Frog statues in a shed and a mug shot
Manuel “N,” owner of the property where the contraband frogs were found, was taken into custody by state police. (FGJ Edomex)

Two dozen members of the same group were arrested in Nezahualcóyotl earlier this week on charges including the possession of illegal firearms.

So why did Manuel have two “ranas mariachi” at his home? Is he a massive Señor Frog’s fan? Did he hope to sell them? Did he like to get high on drugs in their presence?

Unfortunately, the FGJ didn’t provide any answers. What we do know is that the two frogs disappeared from Acapulco shortly after Hurricane Otis made landfall in the resort city on Oct. 25.

Residents were initially surprised that the frogs hadn’t toppled over in the strong winds that accompanied the Category 5 hurricane. But their surprise turned to anger when they became aware that the hurricane survivors had been stolen — frognapped, if you will.

Video footage shows the frogs in the back of a green and white pickup truck being driven by one young man in the company of another young man. They apparently stole the smartly-dressed frogs at a time when law and order was minimal at best in the wake of the battering Otis unleashed on Acapulco. Widespread looting was reported in the days after the hurricane devastated the city.

Señor Frog’s confirmed the theft in a statement, announcing with “great sadness” that the frogs “were unfortunately taken without our permission.”

“We are sure that they will soon return to be part of this beautiful tourism destination, because Acapulco will come back stronger,” the chain said.

Those words appear to have been prescient, as the ranas mariachi should be back having a croaking good time on the Guerrero coast soon, making for a very hoppy ending indeed —  especially considering the amount of beer that flows inside the frogs’ namesake restaurant.

With reports from Milenio and Infobae

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