Some of the drug-laced goodies that were found in a suitcase. Some of the drug-laced goodies that were found in a suitcase.

Cocaine, meth and pot-laced snacks found in suitcase full of candy in Jalisco

Medicated Rice Krispies and Weed Tarts were among the snacks discovered

A suitcase crammed with cannabis-laced cookies, gummies and Cheetos —  along with more than 100 doses of cocaine and methamphetamine was discovered last week in Atoyac, Jalisco.

The Attorney General’s Office in Jalisco announced the seizure, which occurred on June 23 when Mexican army soldiers were conducting a surveillance operation at an intersection in the municipality.

The suitcase apparently belonged to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) because some of the packaging included the criminal group’s insignia and the letters “CJNG,” according to media reports.

The plastic packages inside a suitcase included 1.24 kilograms of cannabis cookies, 3.65 kilograms of cannabis gummies, 700 grams of Cheetos Crunchy with a cannabis derivative, 290 grams of candy that contained marijuana, an indefinite number of marijuana joints, and 137 doses of cocaine and meth. Also found was 3.74 kilograms of narcotics in packages with labels such as Medicated Rice Krispies Bar, Weed Tarts, Gello gelatin, Original Skittles, Froot Loops Krispie Bar, Purple Punch and Green Crack.

The contraband will remain in the hands of drug specialists in the Attorney General’s Office while they analyze the content and chemical composition of the products.

No arrests were made, officials said shortly after the “narco suitcase” was found, but an investigation has been started. There was concern because the labels and packaging found normally go on products that are consumed by children and teens.

The municipality of Atoyac, Jalisco, is on the shores of the Laguna de Sayula about 25 kilometers from Lake Chapala and 155 kilometers south of Guadalajara. 

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