Friday's blockade on the Mexico City-Puebla highway. Friday's blockade on the Mexico City-Puebla highway.

Marines blamed for disappearance of 4 people in Puebla

They were among a group of people stealing fuel from a pipeline

The navy says it is collaborating with civilian authorities who are investigating the disappearance of four people in Tlahuapan, Puebla, whose bodies were found Friday in nearby Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala.

Naval officials said marines encountered a group of people taking fuel from a Pemex pipeline but failed to follow regulations.

“According to preliminary inquiries, the performance of the naval personnel was contrary to legal regulations,” said the navy in a statement, advising that the personnel involved are in custody.

Tlahuapan residents accuse marines of the forced disappearance of four of the people arrested for stealing fuel.

Residents mounted a blockade in protest on Friday on the busy highway between the state capital and Mexico City.

The victims were two adults and two youths.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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