His worship is punished for an allegedly substandard water tank. His worship is punished for an allegedly substandard water tank.

Mayor apprehended, tied to a tree for shoddy public works project

The mayor of Frontera Comalapa described as 'a bad public servant'

Eschewing long, bureaucratic legal processes to hold him accountable, residents of a southern Chiapas municipality decided to take direct measures against their mayor for what they said was a public works project so poorly done that it was useless.

They tied him to a tree.

Residents of 11 neighborhoods in Frontera Comalapa told the newspaper Diario de Chiapas that they secured Mayor Óscar Ramírez Aguilar to a tree in a public area to expose him to the rest of the town as a “bad public servant” who should not be reelected.

The townspeople say the municipal water storage cistern — whose installation they say was a campaign promise — is in such poor condition that it does not comply with water safety requirements. It currently has no water, they said, due to leaks, and the residents accuse the government of merely patching the tank — badly — to stop them.

In a video on social media, residents showed how the concrete patch job is already chipping away and easily crumbles.

“He promised us that this would be a public works project worthy of Comalapa residents, but [this tank is] a farce; the water system doesn’t work well. It’s an old problem that he should have attended to properly and should have been a priority during his administration because he came to see us in our homes with this promise, and now he doesn’t want to live up to it,” a resident told the newspaper.

After he was released, Ramírez posted a video on his official social media account to counter the residents’ version of the story.

“They did not tie me up,” he claimed. “The meeting was with 11 representatives of Comalapa neighborhoods in order to agree upon details regarding a major public project, the introduction of potable water.”

However, photographs clearly showed the mayor standing before a tree with his hands behind his back.

Three years ago, another local official suffered a similar fate after allegedly failing to deliver promised funds. He was bound to a post in the the central plaza of Comalapa.

Source: Infobae (sp)

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