The mayor chats with the overweight student. The mayor chats with the overweight student.

Mayor causes a stir with comments about girl’s obesity

'What's wrong with this girl?'

The mayor of Ahome, Sinaloa, has been accused of insensitivity and bullying after he asked what was wrong with a young girl who was overweight.

During a visit to the town of San Miguel Zapotitlán, Guillermo Chapman Moreno visited an elementary school for indigenous students.

In a short clip that has since gone viral on social media, the mayor crouches next to Nancy and asks her what she liked to eat.

“Eggs and lots of candies,” replied the student as classmates watched.

Chapman turned to the student’s teacher and asked, “What’s wrong with this girl? She’s overweight, she’s obese, hideous and horrible.”

The teacher replied that the girl was a single child and that an overbearing mother gave her whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it.

The mayor has put his foot in it before. In November, he visited a school in Los Mochis and asked students if they knew who he was.

“All of you, every single one of you, have to obey me. I am the political boss.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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