Villalobos, foreground, fears for his life. Villalobos, foreground, fears for his life.

Cuernavaca’s mayor-elect says there’s a contract out for his life

He plans to keep a low profile until he is sworn in in January

The mayor-elect of Cuernavaca has announced that he will withdraw from the political stage until he is sworn in because he fears for his life.

“My concern is about my security . . . I express my concern because there is a contract out for my life. My security team has traced it, that’s why I have to withdraw from political life,” Francisco Antonio Villalobos Adán told a press conference Saturday.

Villalobos explained that he won’t make any statements or appear in public until January 1 when he takes office in the Morelos capital for the coalition led by the Morena party.

The home of the mayor-elect was the target of an attack with firearms last month.

Villalobos said that he has received several threats dating back to when he was an official in the city government.

In a statement issued Saturday, the Morelos government said the state’s security chief had assigned two police officers to provide personal security to Villalobos.

Source: El Financiero (sp) 

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