beef Producers say labor shortages in Canada and the US are partly to blame. deposit photos

Mexico becomes United States’ principal supplier of beef

Exports are up nearly 70% so far this year

Mexican beef producers became the main source for U.S. beef imports for the first time, after Canada held the title for many years.

As of February 11, more than 37,000 tons of Mexican beef had been exported to the U.S. since the start of the year. That is 3.3% more than what Canada exported, and nearly 70% more than what Mexico exported in the same period in 2021.

In total, Mexican producers made up nearly 26.9% of beef imported by the U.S., just a percentage point more than Canadian producers.

Héctor Garza, the president of the Mexican beef producers association, said the change is due in part to the worker shortages that the U.S. and Canada have faced as the omicron variant of the coronavirus has torn through the continent.

“In effect we have now surpassed Canada as the main beef seller in the [U.S.] market and, though we know it’s circumstantial, we hope to remain close once [Canada and the U.S.] have recovered,” Garza said.

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