Mexico City's new travel site. Mexico City's new travel site.

Mexico City launches new English-language tourism website dubs itself as “The Essential Guide to Everything Mexico City”

The Mexico City government has launched an English-language tourism website to promote the capital and provide information to foreign visitors., which dubs itself as “The Essential Guide to Everything Mexico City,” features information about different neighborhoods, food (including the ubiquitous street stands), the public transit system, tourist attractions (including lesser known ones) and the history of the capital.

It also offers a range of advice, including the best times of the year to visit Mexico City and tips related to social etiquette and manners (learning at least a little bit of Spanish is a good start).

In addition, it lists emergency numbers, contact details for embassies, hotels, museums, tour options and Mexico City festivals and events, among other information.

Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum told a press conference this week that the new website will “enrich” the experience of English-speaking visitors to Mexico City.

She said that tourists are always looking for a space where all the information about a particular destination is compiled and meets that need for Mexico City.

Sheinbaum said that international visitor numbers to the capital have increased 17.5% this year compared to 2018 and predicted that the government’s promotion efforts will result in higher numbers in 2020. The mayor added that Mexico City’s tourism police will increase their patrols to provide greater security to visitors.

For his part, the head of the government’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation, which developed the new website in conjunction with the secretariats of Culture and Tourism, said that a chatbot will be activated on in January to respond to visitors’ questions.

José Merino said the bot will also be accessible via the messaging service WhatsApp.

He added that the tourism website will also promote the capital in English-language posts on social media sites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as part of a campaign called Newer, Older, Deeper.

Just over a quarter of all international tourists who come to Mexico visit or pass through Mexico City and 44.6% come from countries where the official language is English, Merino said.

Source: Milenio (sp) 

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