Mexicans are big on pets, especially dogs. Mexicans are big on pets, especially dogs.

Mexico is No. 2 in the world for the most household pets

70% of households have at least one pet

Mexico is up to its ears in cats and dogs.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), 70% of Mexican households have at least one pet, putting it second only to Argentina for the country with the most household pets.

Another study, GFK Pet Ownership 2016, also arrived at the conclusion that Mexico figures prominently among nations with the most pet lovers.

According to Animal Health Bayer-Mexico marketing director Bruno Rodríguez Muñoz, most Mexicans prefer dogs, though cat ownership is on the rise. The furry division is split 80% dogs to 20% cats in terms of ownership of one of the two most popular household pets.

Rosalía Arriaga, general manager of Dr. Guerrero Veterinary Clinic, said the past few years have seen a significant increase in owners’ preoccupation for their pets’ health.

Towards that end, Bayer-Mexico, with the support of Ocetif, a food certification organization, decided it will issue a certification for veterinarians called TUVET. In a press conference at a veterinary symposium in Mexico City, the organization announced the new certification, the first in Latin America for veterinary clinics and hospitals for smaller animals.

Rodríguez said Bayer-Mexico’s principal objective in issuing the certification is to ensure quality service in veterinary establishments. He said that they expected to issue the first 100 certificates to the first batch of animal hospitals and clinics between May and June.

Ocetif vice-president Mario Gorena Mireles said that in order to receive a certification veterinary practices must demonstrate consistency in veterinary training, engage in preventative medicine, ensure quality care and show warm and attentive customer service.

Source: Excelsior (sp)

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