The new security center caught a kidnapping in process. The new security center caught a kidnapping in process.

Michoacán’s new security center scores hit by freeing kidnapping victims

Watching via a security camera, C5-i analysts saw the kidnappers enter a residence

The new C5-i security system that went into operation on Wednesday in Michoacán is off to a good start, contributing to the freeing of a mother and her two daughters from kidnappers, officials said.

Through security cameras, C5-i personnel saw a group of men get out of a vehicle on a street in Morelia and enter a family’s residence through a rooftop terrace.

C5-i analysts alerted the police, who were able to enter the residence, located in the Ilustres Novohispanos neighborhood of Morelia, and free the woman and her daughters who were being held against their will. Four suspects were arrested.

Police also confiscated three firearms and a vehicle.

A video obtained by the newspaper El Universal shows the moment of the rescue, when the police enter the residence to free the three victims, who can be seen huddled together, crying out of relief.

“Don’t be afraid, we’re the police,” an officer says in the video.

“You’re safe now, you’re safe now,” says another.

“Don’t leave me alone, please don’t leave me alone,” one of the children can be heard saying, before fainting.

The C5-i system employs 360 analysts to monitor the state through over 6,000 security cameras.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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