Ecatepec killers have been given their first sentences. Ecatepec killers have been given their first sentences.

‘Monsters of Ecatepec’ get 15 years each in first of seven cases

The couple laughed when the sentences were issued

Two serial killers from Ecatepec, México state, were sentenced to 15 years each today in the first of seven gruesome cases that earned the couple the moniker “the monsters of Ecatepec.”

Juan Carlos N. and Patricia N., who have confessed to killing at least 20 women, were also fined 800,000 pesos (US $42,000).

Today’s sentencing was for the disappearance of Nancy Nohemí N.

The couple laughed as they heard their sentences, maintaining a cavalier attitude they showed during previous court appearances.

Upset by the response, victims’ relatives who were present in the court shouted, “Murderers!”

One later declared “give them 15 years or a fucking life sentence it doesn’t matter . . . because nothing will bring my daughter back.”

The couple were arrested in October as they were transporting the dismembered human remains of two of their victims in a stroller. More body parts were found by investigators in the couple’s home and other locations, and both confessed to eating parts of their victims.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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