Mayor Castro was criticized by her party for planning to lease an armored GM Yukon. Mayor Castro was criticized by her party for planning to lease an armored GM Yukon.

Morena criticizes lack of austerity by Los Cabos government

Mayor had intended to lease a new armored vehicle but changed her mind after a rain of criticism

The contrast between President López Obrador’s plain Volkswagen Jetta and a brand new, armored GM Yukon for the mayor of Los Cabos was too much for Morena party officials in Baja California Sur.

Alberto Rentería Santana, Morena party president in the state, said Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán’s plan to lease the vehicle for her use did not align with the president’s austerity ethic.

“It is not possible that she doesn’t understand what the fourth transformation means or that she doesn’t understand the part about austerity . . .”

He said there is often a contrast between the way party principles are practiced by state legislators and the hollow way in which they are carried out at the local level, especially in Los Cabos.

“What is most scandalous, what bothers the most and what we are not okay with is this issue of armored vehicles.”

Rentería called the criticism “common sense,” and said it did not take a specialist to understand that the lease of such a vehicle stands in contrast to a principle of austerity.

However, the rain of criticism that followed the Morena party mayor’s decision to lease the vehicle triggered a change of heart. The municipality announced on the weekend that the request for bids from suppliers had been altered by removing the vehicle from the list of 172 that Los Cabos plans to lease.

Source: BCS Noticias (sp)

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