Packages jettisoned by narcos off Chiapas coast. Packages jettisoned by smugglers off Chiapas coast.

Narcos throw half a tonne of cocaine overboard

Security forces seized 17 packages but the smugglers got away

Army and navy personnel retrieved over half a tonne of cocaine off the coast of Chiapas yesterday after narcos threw it overboard and made a fast getaway.

A suspicious-looking boat was sighted during aerial surveillance. The boat’s occupants, having been exposed, resorted to deep-sixing their illegal cargo and fleeing the scene to avoid arrest.

Security forces seized 17 packages containing 520 kilograms of a white powder believed to be cocaine.

More than 12 tonnes of cocaine have been seized off the Mexican Pacific coast this year, along with 23,000 liters of fuel, the navy said.

Source: Quadratín (sp), Milenio (sp)

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