beer truck accident Free beer.

Neighbors help themselves after beer truck accident

Some people even stole tires off the truck

An overturned beer truck was cause for celebration yesterday in Santa Cruz, Campeche.

About 100 people soon arrived at the scene of the accident on the Campeche-Mérida highway and carried away as much as they could. Some couldn’t wait to get home and cracked open some beers on the spot, including a woman who had to rest from the strenuous task by popping open a can and quenching her thirst.

The pillaging did not stop with the beer strewn on the roadside. Even the truck’s tires were stolen.

A woman quaffs a free cold one.
A woman quaffs a free cold one.

When state and municipal police arrived they cordoned off the area but did not intervene or attempt to stop the theft.

Questioned by reporters, residents declared that stealing the beer mattered little to the brewery because the cargo was covered by insurance.

No arrests were reported, nor was the cause of the accident and the truck driver’s condition is unknown.

It was the second accident involving a beer truck in just two days, and the second time that a truck’s cargo was looted.

Source: SDP Noticias (sp)

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