A screenshot from the new gang's video announcement. A screenshot from the new gang's video announcement.

New criminal gang, a Jalisco cartel ally, announces itself in Michoacán

Zicuirán New Generation Cartel warns security forces to stay out of its territory in Múgica and La Huacana

Members of a newly formed criminal gang based in Michoacán announced their presence with a Facebook post on Thursday.

Members of the Zicuirán New Generation Cartel (CZNG) claimed to be allied with the notoriously violent Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and warned the army and other security forces to stay out of their territory.

The video posted to Facebook shows a masked member of the group in front of around 40 others, all dressed in black sweatshirts and masks bearing the new cartel’s acronym.

He proclaims that the municipalities of Múgica and La Huacana — in which Zicuirán is located — are the cartel’s territory, and that any soldiers who enter will be stopped and their weapons seized.

“We respectfully warn the armed forces, especially the Mexican army, not to invade La Huacana and our area, which is perfectly demarcated by our boys,” the man says, adding that cartel members have fortified the perimeter.

The man also bragged that the cartel already has the local government and police force in its pocket.

“Don’t bother trying to intervene in the police or local government. They’re our property and they happily hand over their uniforms and positions to swell our ranks,” he says.

But the message was not only directed at official agencies. The masked man also warned citizens who may operate clandestine drug laboratories or practice other illegal activities not to do so without the approval of the gang.

“Any aircraft that flies without our permission will be shot down, any vehicle that enters [our territory] will be detained. We’re not self-governing, but we want to show that with our finances and government we can excel,” the man says to the camera.

Michoacán has long been a battleground for the CJNG and former self-defense group-turned-cartel Los Viagras. The addition of a new ally does not bode well for public safety in the state.

Source: La Jornada (sp)

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