The government launched a new security operation Monday in Tijuana. The government launched a new security operation Monday in Tijuana.

President announces new initiative to combat insecurity in 17 regions

The plan will target 17 regions with a high incidence of homicide

The federal government today decided to implement a new security initiative in light of continuing homicides and violence.

President López Obrador announced that the new security plan would combat crime in 17 different regions.

He introduced the plan during his morning press conference in response to a reporter’s question about what the administration planned to do to protect journalists who reported on crime.

López Obrador told reporters that the new strategy, which began yesterday in Tijuana, will target insecurity in 17 regions that account for 35% of homicides in the country.

He said security is the executive’s top priority now that fuel distribution has begun to stabilize around the country.

“Our plan to combat fuel theft is drawing to a close; distribution has returned to normal and instances of theft have decreased. The situation had us very worried.”

The president added that measures to prevent fuel theft will remain in place even as the administration brings the issue of insecurity into focus. He elaborated that the new security initiative would specifically target corruption.

“We are committed to . . . guaranteeing to you and all citizens that the government will no longer be involved in crime, that there has been a complete and total separation. There will be no cooperation; this is a dividing line, a boundary, and I am dedicated to making sure that no part of the government is caught up in crime.”

The president also encouraged citizens to begin to trust in the state again.

“We will face the existing crime threat and guarantee public security, and if necessary, protection. I hope that this situation is temporary and that we can quickly solve the problem of insecurity and live in peace, but if anyone requires protection from criminal threat, they can count on us.”

President López Obrador said that he would outline the new security initiative in detail in a Wednesday or Thursday press conference.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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