López Obrador López Obrador: supply of electrical energy is guaranteed.

‘No more power outages:’ it’s been promised before

The president vowed there will be no more electrical outages—and not for the first time

President López Obrador insisted Tuesday there would be no further power outages. It wasn’t the first time.

The president was responding to Monday’s widespread outage that left over 10 million consumers without electricity.

“It won’t be repeated,” he said, “The people can be secure in knowing it won’t happen again and that the [Federal Electricity Commission] is an enterprise with first-class technicians.”

López Obrador said the same in August when reiterating a promise to construct a combined cycle generating plant in La Paz, Baja California Sur.

Seven months earlier he delivered the same message with regard to the same plant, promising the delivery of natural gas to power the plant. “… there will be no outages,” he said in La Paz in February.

(A start date for the plant has yet to be announced.)

In December 2019 the president said Mexico’s supply of electrical energy was guaranteed.

“There will be no outages …”

In August last year he said natural gas supplies had been negotiated to ensure there would be no outages “for many years.”

López Obrador offered the same assurance a month earlier, indicated that the Federal Electricity Commission would be strengthened.

“There will be no problems with a shortage of electrical energy, there is sufficient supply and there will be no outages …”

And seven months before that, during a tour of Yucatán, he promised that a natural gas shortage would be resolved and that a new generating plant would be built in the state “so there will never be outages on the Yucatán Peninsula.”

Source: Reforma (sp)

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