The animal was put down after its second fatal attack. The animal was put down after its second fatal attack.

Oaxaca man dies after attack by donkey

The domestic animal was a repeat offender

An aggressive donkey in Oaxaca struck again on Wednesday and killed a 79-year-old man.

The man, identified only as Juan, was the second victim of the donkey in Santa Cruz Tututepec, a village in the state’s Juquila district, a 100-kilometer drive northwest of Puerto Escondido. The first victim was a man named Marcelino, 81, who was attacked by the donkey in the same village in August 2020, the news site NVI Noticias reported.

Juan approached the donkey to tie it up when it bit him repeatedly and left him severely injured.

The 79-year-old’s family took him to a local emergency ward in Río Grande, 50 kilometers south, in a pickup truck.

But given the severity of his injuries, Juan was transferred to a hospital in Puerto Escondido by the voluntary paramedic organization ORAM. He received surgery early on Thursday in Puerto Escondido but didn’t survive the operation.

However, the aggressive donkey will not be allowed to inflict further harm: it was put down by Juan’s relatives.

With reports from NVI Noticias

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